About Us

Team Matthews Family ATA instructors

Hello and welcome to Team Matthews Black Belt Academy. We have been teaching Martial Arts, in the Las Vegas area for 25 years. We pride ourselves in teaching life skills which will make our students more than just martial artists. Some of those life skills are Discipline, Integrity, Goals, Focus, Esteem, Respect, Attitude, Persistence and Confidence.

We also work with Special Needs students. See our staff for any special concerns you have for your training. As Members of the American Taekwondo Association, our instructors are certified and attend training seminars to insure their training levels are up to the latest developments in training methods. Our school also provides many opportunities for advanced training and responsibility. We have a leadership program rivals the scouts or junior ROTC programs.

Our program also includes tournaments. Tournaments allow the students to test their skills and talents against other students at their level. The rewards program built into our tournament program allows the students to receive medals and trophies for their participation. This is where they really develop those life skills.

Now that I’ve explained a little of our program to you, let me introduce our staff. When we say, we are a family school, we mean it.

The Senior Chief Instructor is Mr Bob Matthews. He is a fourth degree black belt and has spent the past 27 years training in the American Taekwondo Association and teaching right here in Las Vegas. Mr Matthews is also versed in other martial art styles, as well, such as Judo and Kenpo.

Mrs Debbra Matthews is a fourth degree black belt and Chief Instructor. Her specialty is with the ATA Tigers program where she works with our preschool kids.

Mr Robert Matthews Junior is a fourth degree black belt. He is a poster child for the benefits of our program. Joining the program at six years old, he shows how far one can progress in the ATA. He really enjoys the competition and working with students. If you really want to see him shine, check out his ATA Xtreme class. That’s where students can combine freestyle forms with gymnastics and anything else they’ve learned. It’s amazing to watch.