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I have two children who have attended classes here with the Matthews and all I can say is they are part of our family now and forever. My children respect, admire and truly love this family. They have given so much to us and really have helped raise our children to be dynamic individuals with morals and respect. I recommend them every chance I get

Rebecca A. February 19, 2018

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Great studio that teaches great discipline, self control, and defensive tactics, including ; form, combat and weapons. There are also great tumblers. Recently they have even added ballet/jazz Lessons to children from ages 3-11. Great staff, organized and clean. I've personally witnessed very young champions that are off the chain, and even very young natural born ballet/Jazz Dancers. Recently I heard theres now even adult stretching and fitness classes being held. .
Go Team Matthews ATA karate for kids!

Delee M. February 19, 2018

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Really love this place my son went here years ago and now my grandson is going.

Thanks Team Mathews

Kelly P. February 19, 2018

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Very impressed with Mrs. Matthews gentle yet firm style. She was poised, confident and explained all the classes. My grandson has PTSD and I needed him where he can properly release aggression and anger, yet learn the correct way, the respect and the focus, after one class, he is so excited for Monday. Hoping this turns out to be a fabulous learning experience.

Julie S. February 19, 2018